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Warranty & Servicing

We believe in our product and make them as robust as possible. All of our  pieces that are above a 3 year limited warranty. (Does not include wooden watches)

Servicing: $135 - Includes replacement of crown/gaskets/polishing.

For Replacements or damage repair customer is expected to ship the product in secure packaging to:

Heimdalls Workshop

6833 Towbridge Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28306

Situations Not Included under Warranty 

It does not apply to normal wear and tear or to abuse and excludes the watch case, crystal (glass), strap, and bracelet. In the event of a defect or malfunction within the warranty period, your watch will be serviced under the limited warranty terms.

Disclaimer: The warranty does not apply to damage caused, in Gunhild's sole discretion, by tampering with or opening the watch case. Defects or damage resulting from repairs, tampering, or opening the watch case by anyone other than an Gunhild Authorized Service Facility will void the warranty.

Automatic movements and timing

All though automatic movements are higher end and more sought out, they also have to be taken care of and managed more than quartz movements. We make sure to calibrate and adjust all our automatic watches prior to shipping. However it is not uncommon that the watch can run fast or slow due to impact and damage which throws off the balance. This can be easily adjusted by a local watch repair shop and is not covered by warranty.

If your watch starts to run really fast then there is a chance it has become demagnetized. In this case you can get it re-adjusted by a local watch shop. 

If you are into automatic watches like most folks are we recommend keeping on hand a "degausser" which you can find on amazon which keeps the movements demagnetized.