Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

About Us

We are a group of artists, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists who came together to create a line of Scandinavian inspired goods. Our amazement and obsession with the Nordic culture and history drew us to start this line of goods that we feel need to be introduced into every and any household.

How we work?

We make everything from hand, all our items are hand-carved and made to order, we source our materials from a few different places. Primarily our wood is sourced from Arizona, India, & Ukraine.


For us production boils down to two primary ingredients. Quality of material, and quality of craftsmanship. That's really it. We have a team of designers that give our team of crafters anything they muster up, and we then bring it to life in a sense. Our attention to detail and love for the craft is what separates us from any old Nordic inspired store out there.