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Liudolf Giant Wolf Center-Piece

Liudolf Giant Wolf Center-Piece

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This piece is Large, 17 inches long and 13 inches Tall, weighs 7-8lbs. Highly Detailed and highly limited. Carved completely by hand, by our expert Craftsmen.

Each piece is made to order by using quality rare Cadam & Teak Wood, this item is robust(7-8lbs) and large and makes a great heirloom that will not only be great to hand down to generations but make a statement in any setting.

We apply a rustic finish which is food-safe, however this is not meant to be used for serving food and drink and much rather a center-piece. It is commonly used as a dining center-piece (fruits and cheeses) as well as decor in other parts of the home.

To maintain the item we recommend giving it a wipe down with a natural oil from time to time (olive oil, avocado oil, or any-other oil of sort)

This is a limited edition item, we require time and effort to make this item from scratch so start your order if you want to experience true craftsmanship.

Please read our FAQ below before ordering any of our pieces.



This piece is inspired by a famous Germanic name for wolf "Liudolf." This signifies a famous wolf in the Germanic texts which is derived from the word Hludwolf.