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Gunhild- Leopard Wood Edition, Lone Viking Warrior

Gunhild- Leopard Wood Edition, Lone Viking Warrior
The Gunhild Lone Viking Warrior Watch was one of our first in our Scandinavian inspired collection. We are all warriors fighting a battle within and with forces outside and it's important to stay grounded and face your fear and enemies upright. Our inspiration behind this piece is the vikings who fought with bravery and we embodied them into this watch. The viking in the dial is a depiction of a more historical looking viking rather than those that may be portrayed in fantasy shows. The dial, bezel, and links are crafted by hand and small batch production tools.
The Gunhild Time-Piece requires 90 days to craft and complete. We ask you to read our FAQ below before ordering any item from our store.

About the Watch

Collection: Aged Leopard Wood. Sourced from Ukraine & United Kingdom.

Gender: Uni-Sex

Dial Size: 38mm

Dial Material: Oak-Wood

Body Size: 4mm

Crystal: Sapphire Scratch Resistant Crystal

Movement: Quartz, by Miyota

Bracelet Size: Thickness at 6mm, Length 24 cm, adjustable with extra links included.

Buckle: Stainless Steel


How long does it take to receive my watch?

This watch takes 90 days to make and deliver. We give this time frame as it is the max amount of time we need, it is possible to get it prior but we don't want you to go into this expecting a fast delivery. If you have a gift occasion coming up please keep this time frame in mind.

Please keep these timings in mind as we are not a mass production operation, each time piece is worked on by hand and takes time to perfect and deliver. We ask of you to respect our integrity to the art so we can deliver to you what you paid for.

What does my order include?

Included in the order are the following:

  • One Hand Carved Watch
  • Extra Links and tuning kit for adjustment
  • Wooden Gift box

Where do we source our wood?

We source our wood from United Kingdom and Ukraine, specifically called bog oak and leopard wood for select models.

How does the warranty work?

Comes with a Life-Time Warranty. Use your order number to get in touch with us whenever you need a replacement or tune up.

What is your refund policy?

If you are un-happy with the watch send it back to us for a full refund.