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Large Viking Sleipnir Steeds Dark Edition Center-Piece/Vessel

Large Viking Sleipnir Steeds Dark Edition Center-Piece/Vessel

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  • Hand Carved Detailing 
  • Large, Length 1 foot 
  • Dark rustic finish.
  • Make a statement in any Dining Setting with this Large Vessel. Matte rustic finish for bowl, (note product may differ slightly in color as well as carving as each item is hand carved) 

  • Natural Food-Safe finish. Shipped in Black Wooden Gift Chest. 


Inspired by the long-old Scandinavian history, Norse mythology and Germanic traditions, taking one of the greatest figures Sleipner Steed. Known primarily for being the Steed of Odin this giant creature is embodied in this unique center-piece.

Combining the exquisite curve of the Nordic ships of the Viking Age and the beautiful sculpture of our take on Sleipner's head, the riding choice of the character Odin from nordic mythology.

Son of Loki, one of some of the most well-known mischievous and disastrous characters in Norse mythology, this giant steed is a powerful figure.

Highlighting the characteristics of the sleipner steed from ancient artifacts we too our inspiration of artifacts that actual vikings used that embodied the steed head. However we made it larger and more detailed with our own twist.

Great plus for both antique or modern interior style lovers

Whether you’re a huge lover of antiques, pursuing that ideal vintage look in every decision you make regarding your interior decor, or even if you’re an urban enthusiast, loving all things modern-looking, this artistic neutral-tone bowl is able to fit into any decor ambience you’re looking to add to your large/personal space.

Unrivaled majestic center-piece

The rustic finish on the wood on the body surface of the Fenrir Wolf Bowl gives it a lustrous effect that could outshine any other piece in the living room, dining table, or personal room. Its unique shape and symmetrical  heads, a design brought to life by our carvers themselves, makes it the attention-grabber in any space, wowing friends and families at any time of year.

What makes the Sleipnir Steed Vessel special?

Known for its elegance, durability and beauty of unique wood pattern, Mango wood is one the best, if not the best, rare material there is in making wooden home decor or kitchen utensils. 

Not only does its pattern allure and captivate in any form it takes, its various properties like…

  • Water, pest, and rot resistant
  • Termite immunity

Attention to Detail and ancient inspiration

Wether you are into norse mythology or not, these pieces are crafted to create a unique experience in any dining setting, designs that are meant to not only re-create our depiction of those grand times but wow your household members and guests.

FAQ- Design, Source, & Delivery Process

  • Are Heimdallsworkshop items made in the U.S.A? Depending on the piece you order we have a team that works on your item in Texas, North Carolina, Ukraine, & Surat, India. The vast majority of our items are prepared in the U.S.A but we are currently working on hospitality projects with expert carvers in Ukraine and India.
  • Who designs the pieces? All of the designs are made by our team here in the U.S.A, however we take our inspiration from Norse and Viking mythology so the characters are not unique to us & are well known within the Nordic Mythology spectrum. We take their depiction from our research from various sources and then we sketch our own design and create a time-less piece that can fit into any modern or even ancient themed home!
  • Can I customize a product? We are currently limited on customization, however if you really need an item customized, we would suggest reaching our team well before the date that you would need it (At-least 2 months) as we would need to go through the entire process of design, fabrication, quotation and delivery for your specific piece.
  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    It takes 45-60 days  (Refer to the estimated delivery date under "Add to Cart" above for real-time estimates) to create the piece and an extra 7-10 days to ship. If you are getting this watch for a special occasion we recommend leaving a 60 day safety-net as currently due to the pandemic inbound material delays as well as outbound shipping delays due to the current pandemic are rife.

    Please keep these timings in mind as we are not a mass production operation, each time piece is worked on by hand and takes time to perfect and deliver. We ask of you to respect our integrity to the art so we can deliver to you what you paid for. We also expect you as our client to be aware of these processing and lead times. Currently we cannot expedite orders as we take them in order and need to respect each of our clients equally in the matter.

  • What shipping carriers do you use? We use UPS and if needed we use Fed-Ex.
  • Where does my order ship from? Depending on the piece your order will ship from either Dallas, Texas or our fulfillment center in Chicago, Illinois.

Maintenance, Orders and Returns.

  • How should I maintain my items? All of our items are coated with a protective food safe coating. They are definitely protected from spills and even food when it comes to our bowls (obviously). We always recommend doing a nice wipe down with a natural oil every now and then such as olive oil or mineral oil (it is not needed) but it is a great way to maintain our pieces.
  • Do you repair broken items? Typically we do not repair, we recommend if you purchase a higher end item from our store that you treat it with it's due right and take great care of it. 
  • Do you offer a warranty or returns? Yes. If an item does break or does not meet your expectations we do offer a full money back refund. We offer a 1 year warranty for items that are damaged, and offer a full 30 day money back refund if the item does not meet your expectations.

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