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Gunhild - Hand Forged Drakkar Viking Goblet

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Hand Forged, Iron, Made to Order
Length 25-35cm
Drinking Vessel/ Dining Center-Piece

This vessel is quite large and dense as it is made from forged Iron, it may vary slightly in color and look due to each piece being made by hand.

History behind the Drakkar viking goblet

The word Drakkar is borrowed from the Swedish word drakar which is the plural of drake, meaning dragon. Drakkar, in French, refers to Longship which is a type of viking vessel that would be decorated with a dragons head. In Old Norse, the word dreki would refer to these same viking ships.

Evidently, dragons are one of the most prominent symbols of viking history and we incorporate it into many of our designs. According to history, the flat bottomed longships which were used by the Vikings would be referred to as "dragonships" by enemies such as the English because of their dragon shaped bows.

Dragons would adorn not only these ships which were the epitome of naval power in their time but also dragon shaped designs would be used for even drinking bowls and goblets. Ceremonial drinking bowls were traditional in Kyevan Rus (it was named "Bratyna", it comes from the word "brat" - brother) and Norway ("Kasa") since Medieval times. Bratyna is a large vessel for group drinking.

Barley was one of the staple ingredients of Germanic and Nordic tribes, which in essence lead to many of those from the region taking pleasure in crafting unique vessels and bowls that related to their tribe or lineage.

"The serving of ale in the manner described by the Beowulf poet was not a servant’s task, but a jealously guarded privilege accorded to the highest-ranking Germanic women."

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