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Gunhild Giant Jormungandr Center-piece, Heirloom, Highly Detailed.

Gunhild Giant Jormungandr Center-piece, Heirloom, Highly Detailed.

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Product Details:

This piece is Large, 1.2 Foot long and 14.5 inches Tall, weights 6-7lbs. Highly Detailed and highly limited. Carved completely by hand, by our expert Craftsmen.

Each piece is made to order by using quality rare Cadam & Teak Wood, this item is robust(6lbs) and large and makes a great heirloom that will not only be great to hand down to generations but make a statement in any setting.

We apply a rustic finish which is food-safe, however this is not meant to be used for serving food and drink and much rather a center-piece. It is commonly used as a dining center-piece (fruits and cheeses) as well as decor in other parts of the home.

To maintain the item we recommend giving it a wipe down with a natural oil from time to time (olive oil, avocado oil, or any-other oil of sort)

This is a limited edition item, we require time and effort to make this item from scratch so start your order if you want to experience true craftsmanship.

Please read our FAQ below before ordering any of our pieces.

Inspiration behind the piece:

We took inspiration from the Norse Character Jormungandr, his size his ferocity and implemented into this center-piece.

Jormungandr is known as the Mid-Guard Serpent and one of the few creatures that instilled fear in Ragnarok. As such his character is depicted as one of power. He is a Giant in norse mythology, and thus we figured we had to do justice in making this Piece Large enough to capture just the right amount of details of this feared serpent.

Unrivaled Size & Attention to Detail



You won't find this piece Any-where else.

If you are truly looking for something unique wether or not you are into Norse or Scandinavian history this piece is a one of a kind item. It goes through several layers of hand carved processes in order to give it the realism and detail that is featured in this piece.

We experimented for months until we came up with the perfect design accompanied with the perfect size and character.

 Unrivaled Majestic Center-Piece

Any Questions?

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FAQ- Design, Source, & Delivery Process

  • Are Heimdallsworkshop items made in the U.S.A? Depending on the piece you order we have a team that works on your item in Texas, North Carolina, Ukraine, & Surat, India. The vast majority of our items are prepared in the U.S.A but we are currently working on hospitality projects with expert carvers in Ukraine and India.
  • Who designs the pieces? All of the designs are made by our team here in the U.S.A, however we take our inspiration from Norse and Viking mythology so the characters not unique to us & are well known within the Nordic Mythology spectrum. We take their depiction from our research from various sources and then we sketch our own design and create a time-less piece that can fit into any modern or even ancient themed home!
  • Can I customize a product? We are currently limited on customization, however if you really need an item customized, we would suggest reaching our team well before the date that you would need it (At-least 2 months) as we would need to go through the entire process of design, fabrication, quotation and delivery for your specific piece.
  • How long will it take to receive my order? We work on each piece as it is ordered and individually. Depending on the item it takes any-where from 3-4 weeks to complete and ship (Larger items such as the Jormungandr Center-Piece & Abundance Rune bowl can take up-to 7-8 weeks due to demand, wood, and detailing.) This also depends on the item you are purchasing our larger items generally can take up-to 5 weeks, while our Plates, Ladles, watches and candle holders can be finished and delivered within 3-4 weeks. (Please refer to the Estimated delivery date under "Add to Cart" above for an estimated delivery date.
  • What shipping carriers do you use? We use UPS and if needed we use Fed-Ex.
  • Where does my order ship from? Depending on the piece your order will ship from either Dallas, Texas or our fulfillment center in Chicago, Illinois.

Maintenance, Orders and Returns.

  • How should I maintain my items? All of our items are coated with a protective food safe coating. They are definitely protected from spills and even food when it comes to our bowls (obviously). We always recommend doing a nice wipe down with a natural oil every now and then such as olive oil or mineral oil (it is not needed) but it is a great way to maintain our pieces.
  • Do you repair broken items? Typically we do not repair, we recommend if you purchase a higher end item from our store that you treat it with it's due right and take great care of it. 
  • Do you offer a warranty or returns? Yes. If an item does break or does not meet your expectations we do offer a full money back refund. We offer a 1 year warranty for items that are damaged, and offer a full 30 day money back refund if the item does not meet your expectations.