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Giant Abundance & Blessing Rune Center-piece, Quality Mahogany Rare Replica. (Limited Edition)

Giant Abundance & Blessing Rune Center-piece, Quality Mahogany Rare Replica. (Limited Edition)

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Product Details

This Item is hand made with quality sourced durable Mahogany wood. Made to last a generation and pass down as an heirloom. This is a limited edition  Rune bowl.

Makes a great Center-piece, as this item is Large, heavy, and dense.

The item is 14 Inches in Diameter and 9 Inches tall, weighs in at 16 lbs.

The bowl is completely Hand carved and is a rare piece. This item takes 4-6 weeks to complete, please order ahead if you are ordering it as a gift or for a special occasion. The wood goes through several processes before being turned and shaped into the piece above.

Due to this item being made by hand and also us relying on some of what nature gives us the shape and finish may slightly differ from the images shown.

Please read our FAQ Below before ordering any item from our store thank you.

Inspiration behind the bowl

We took inspiration from this from ancient replicas' of bowls that were found in the Germanic region by historians. We implemented a modern touch to it by taking fine Mahogany wood and carving into it this giant piece. Older artifacts found in the nordic region were commonly made from weaker forms of wood or ceramic material and were thus damaged easily.

Benefits of using high grade Mahogany wood:

  • The grains on Mahogany wood are inter-locked which make it extremely durable and strong, this piece and can with-stand the test of time.
  • The reddish heart-wood in this specific breed of mahogany we use gives it an appealing presence not found in other woods.
  • Rougher wood which gives a natural rustic look, however we add our own polish for that extra touch.

Extremely Unique Design..and large.

The design and make-up of this bowl can not be found any-where else, we took it a step further by hand carving what almost seems like natural tree Stumps in the bottom of the bowl, our inspiration behind this was the famous Ygdrassil tree.

These stumps give the bowl a unique touch which give it not only a hefty base but as well as beautiful natural touch. Chances are you will be the only one who will have a piece like this in your state.

This piece serves as a great family heirloom, a Center-piece for any dining setting, and if your up for it to serve food or a hearty stew. Keep in mind it's size.

The runes added to the side are known in nordic folklore to be the runes of Abundance and great blessing. 

What are the meanings of the Runes?

These Runes are known to be the symbols in Viking folklore for abundance and great blessing. There is difference on opinion on how the Vikings perceived these runes and how Norse practitioners view the runes, but in general we took a combination of the most widely know runes and engraved them into the sides of this giant piece. The runes are believed to be amongst the collection of the Runes of the Elder Futhark.

This bowl is perfect for...

Anyone Really, it makes for a perfect statement in any kitchen or Dining Setting, many of our followers and Fans use them as part of making a Scandinavian and Nordic Haven within their homes.

With a modern twist on something that mimics ancient artifacts combined this piece is unique and takes a decent amount of man-power. But we are pleased with this piece and so are our customers!

Due to the complexity of making this bowl however we have limited stock available at any given time. Each Piece is worked on completely by hand with no machine intervention. 

The Ancient Replica in Action.

FAQ- Design, Source, & Delivery Process

  • Are Heimdallsworkshop items made in the U.S.A? Depending on the piece you order we have a team that works on your item in Texas, North Carolina, Ukraine, & Surat, India. The vast majority of our items are prepared in the U.S.A but we are currently working on hospitality projects with expert carvers in Ukraine and India.
  • Who designs the pieces? All of the designs are made by our team here in the U.S.A, however we take our inspiration from Norse and Viking mythology so the characters are not unique to us & are well known within the Nordic Mythology spectrum. We take their depiction from our research from various sources and then we sketch our own design and create a time-less piece that can fit into any modern or even ancient themed home!
  • Can I customize a product? We are currently limited on customization, however if you really need an item customized, we would suggest reaching our team well before the date that you would need it (At-least 2 months) as we would need to go through the entire process of design, fabrication, quotation and delivery for your specific piece.
  • How long will it take to receive my order? We work on each piece individually so that we deliver what you paid for. Please understand we do not make anything in a factory, and our order volumes are significantly high now, this piece requires 60 days to complete and ship. We ask that you keep this in mind before ordering as we expect you to know these guidelines prior to purchasing from us. We kindly ask that you allow us to work on your piece with the due right it requires and not to rush our team so we can maintain the integrity and quality that we started this company on.
  • What shipping carriers do you use? We use UPS and if needed we use Fed-Ex.
  • Where does my order ship from? Depending on the piece your order will ship from either Dallas, Texas or our fulfillment center in Chicago, Illinois, Our watches and certain candle-holders ship from our Craft-shop in Ukraine.

Maintenance, Orders and Returns.

  • How should I maintain my items? All of our items are coated with a protective food safe coating. They are definitely protected from spills and even food when it comes to our bowls (obviously). We always recommend doing a nice wipe down with a natural oil every now and then such as olive oil or mineral oil (it is not needed) but it is a great way to maintain our pieces.
  • Do you repair broken items? Typically we do not repair, we recommend if you purchase a higher end item from our store that you treat it with it's due right and take great care of it. 
  • Do you offer a warranty or returns? Yes. If an item does break or does not meet your expectations we do offer a full money back refund. We offer a 1 year warranty for items that are damaged, and offer a full 30 day money back refund if the item does not meet your expectations.